TLU SA is not at all impressed by President Cyril Ramaphosa’s plea to white young people to stay in the country. Up until now, he’s only made election speeches adjusted to fit the audience he is delivering it to.

The young farmers of TLU SA (Jongboere) are calling on President Cyril Ramaphosa to take note of the fear and concerns white young people of South Africa are facing.


Pres Ramaphosa – as part of his election drive – called on young, white South Africans to not leave the country. He said he wants this group, with their skills, in the country.

“We hope his words are not just empty election promises,” says Mr Ferdie Landman, chairman of the TLU SA Jongboere. “We want to make it clear that we, as white young people, do feel unwelcome and unsafe in the country.”

“There are various issues which cause us concern and makes us consider greener pastures outside the country,” he explains.

TLU SA created a petition which concerned young people can sign. It will then be sent to Pres Ramaphosa. It contains the main concerns of this group, especially white young farmers:

  1. Parties like the BLF and EFF (including their leaders) should not be allowed to say they will kill or harm white people;
  2. We should work together to create a safe environment and there should be acted against farm murders;
  3. BEE-, quotas- and transformation policies should be scrapped;
  4. Private landownership and the free market system should be respected and land expropriation without compensation should be ended;
  5. There should be acted appropriately against all corrupt politicians and government officials;
  6. Drought relief should be made available to all farmers, despite the colour of their skin;
  7. The quality of our water should be protected;
  8. Our electricity supply should be stable and rates should not be unaffordable; and
  9. Farmers must be allowed to farm on merit without any fear or prejudice.

“We were born here and we love South Africa,” says Mr Landman. “We want to stay Mr Ramaphosa, but pay attention to our fears, concerns and inputs.”

Sign our petition ( and let President Ramaphosa hear your concerns.