TLU SA today launched the first national Financial Wellness Survey and Desk for farmers.

As an organisation which genuinely takes the interests of farmers to heart, TLU SA is extremely concerned about the financial stability of its members, taking into account the perfect storm farmers have to face:

  • Farm attacks;
  • Drought and climate change;
  • Land expropriation;
  • Lack of government support;
  • Increased urbanisation draining skills, knowledge and future leadership from farms;
  • Higher life expectancy and inflationary pressures as accelerants to longevity risk; and
  • A trend towards stealth taxes in South Africa where business owners pay for mandatory legislated costs such as training levies and minimum wage increases which bring increased financial pressure to the farmer without any scientifically- guaranteed increase in productivity.

TLU SA thus swung into action and made an immediate commitment to energise its members and supporters in focussing on financial wellness by giving them exposure to unique tools, effective solutions and world leading financial planning technologies to assist them in the journey ahead.

All of this is possible through the new TLU SA Financial Wellness Desk, based at the TLU SA Head office in Silverton, Pretoria and headed by Kobus Oberholster, an experienced farm specialist Financial Advisor of Attooh Consulting Services*.

This initiative is rooted in a longstanding relationship between Kobus and the leadership of TLU SA.

“Members can view this initiative as a life boat for what looks like turbulent and uncertain financial times ahead and to ensure that they optimize all available financial mechanisms,” Mr Oberholster explains.

The first tool available to members and friends of TLU SA is the Financial Pressure Test, which was activated today.

“In just 10 questions answered in less than five minutes, member farmers can score their existing financial wellness and take the first step in repositioning their financial journey into the future,” he says. “Following this step, they will also qualify to receive a critically-important financial record-keeper- the Life File – with a live complimentary consultation by an accredited advisor in the collation, documentation and correct storage of every relevant financial record.”

Members can get access to these initial and essential tools, by particapating in a short and confidential, five-question survey, which will provide TLU SA and its membership with valuable insights into current levels of financial literacy and “future fitness”.

The survey is available at this link:

*Attooh Consulting Services PTY LTD (FDV nr 18147) is an accredited financial services provider.