TLU SA thankfully took note of media reports stating Pres. Ramaphosa wants to stay informed about farm attacks.

“Unfortunately, his remarks are just something said in a private conversation between the president and an individual (Dan Kriek of AgriSA) and not an official statement,” says Mr. Bertus van der Westhuizen, chairperson of TLU SA Free State. “Mr. Kriek is not the president’s official spokesperson. Only a public and official statement from the office of the president or directly from him will be acceptable to us.”

TLU SA this past month sent an open letter to the president and in it requested him to release a statement in which he condemns crime and specifically farm attacks.

“That has not happened yet,” says Van der Westhuizen. “As long as he is too cautious to take a stand condemning these brutal crimes, we will stay negative against his and the government’s attitude concerning farm attacks, murder and crime in general.”

TLU SA is of the opinion that Pres. Ramaphosa should take an official and public stance in order to be measured against his promises and intentions.

“Not only farmers but all residents in the country, are currently as vulnerable as a pigeon on a telephone pole,” says Van der Westhuizen. “As president, Mr. Ramaphosa should, in the interest of the country, display his statesmanship in public by voicing his concerns regarding the crime situation.

“Thank you, Mr. Kriek, for your good intentions, but this is not how we at TLU SA want to be informed of the president’s stance. Only a public statement through the official channels of the president or his office will suffice.”

Issued by:                  TLU SA

Date:                           12 June 2019


Mr Bertus van der Westhuizen, Chairperson TLU SA Free State, Cell.: 082 571 5180

Mr Bennie van Zyl, General Manager TLU SA, Cell.: 082 466 4470