Press Release: TLU SA rejects claims suggesting farmers are thieves

TLU SA rejects claims suggesting farmers are thieves

TLU SA mourns the efforts of specific role players in the industry to constantly discredit farmers, and more so commercial farmers, and portraying them in the worst light possible.


“We’ve been inundated with calls from our members who are fuming at being portrayed as land thieves and unnecessary to the agricultural industry in the country,” says Louis Meintjies, the President of TLU SA. “Our members are tired of being called criminals while they are working hard to keep food on South Africa’s tables.”

The renewed attack on commercial farmers follows a panel discussion at the Word Festival (Woordfees) in Stellenbosch where Dr Piet Croucamp unexpectedly took part. During the debate Dr Croucamp made statements implying the farmers in South Africa are criminals by alleging they stole the land they are farming on.

“As an academic Croucamp should know better and at least offer confirming proof for his far-fetching claims,” says Meintjies. “All research indicates that no farmer stole his or her land. We, as TLU SA, have in the past offered a reward of R100 000 for any person who can prove that commercial farmers stole their land. Our money is still safely in our bank account.”

Landowners have title deeds issued by the state, making them the legal owner of the land.

“By using the unfounded political rhetoric from ultra-left political parties, Croucamp is showing his true colours,” says Meintjies. “He is trying to rewrite our history, while TLU SA is focussing on building a future for everyone in the country.”

“We find it puzzling that people like Croucamp are still given public platforms to add more fuel to the fire of lies concerning property rights in South Africa. We hope the North West University takes the appropriate action against him. He is dishonouring the reputation of this academic institution by making such emotional and unfounded claims.”

TLU SA rejects the claims of Dr Piet Croucamp that farmers stole their land with the contempt it deserves.