Media release: Immediate Police Action demanded

The fact that the nearest farmers’ house was burnt in Coligny after two accused were allowed bail, is totally unacceptable and TAU SA demands that those guilty of arson, immediately by identified and arrested.


The President of TAU SA, Mr Louis Meintjes, says that such actions cannot be tolerated.  “It is outrageous that a gang takes the law into their own hands, whilst the victim has no relation whatsoever with the court case.  This boils down to absolute contempt of the criminal law system.”


Mr Meintjes demands that the police identify and arrest the perpetrators because they show no respect for the justice system, and therefore they should not be allowed to apply for bail.


In the meantime, government should take note that no law-abiding citizen needs to see their livelihood and property being threatened and destroyed, and should the instruments of state not be able to protect the law-abiding citizenry, the right of the latter to protect and defend life and property should be recognised.”